Travel With Nano B. is a fast growing travel and food blog. My goal is to inspire and help travelers live out their full potential. Along the way I share tips with an emphasis on luxury dining, unique travel experiences and culture.

With a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, Master’s degree in Business Administration as well as ten years of work experience in protocol, event management, and public affairs I have a strong background in writing, marketing and event planning. I offer professional writing services and relatable marketing campaigns shared with a highly engaged audience.

If you’re a traveler and need some tips to plan your upcoming trip, or a brand and you’d like to discuss a product review or sponsored post, I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me using the contact form below, or through one of my social media outlets.

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  1. Mate, I love your stories about food, your photos are simply beautiful beyond compare, and the fact that your life is amazing, keeps me coming back for more. But when reading a blog I don’t want to hear about your drama! Learn to leave that part behind, don’t let the little things get to you. Seems like your life is amazing to the rest of us, it’s beautiful. I want more of that, leave the rest behind you. You’ll be better off for it, trust me. Take it to the next level Lovely, say no to the nay-sayers


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