Hello & welcome to my nook on the web! Travel With Nano B. is filled with everything I am passionate about: traveling and exploring inspiring destinations globally, savoring delicious food, enjoying life to its fullest and photographing it all along the way.


A little bit about me: I’m Nano, a full-time cubicle dweller who created this space on the web to give vent to my creative self. I’m 31, serial expat, avid food enthusiast and sucker for all things spicy, fitness junkie & yogi, healthy lifestyle devotee (90% of the time!), fashion lover & shopaholic, dream chaser & hopeless romantic. Born and raised in the capital of a gorgeous small country – Georgia, I was always the one with insatiable wanderlust who spent most of her geography classes staring at the map and daydreaming about all those gorgeous places I would visit one day. I feel incredibly blessed for having a life that turned all those dreams into reality and I am able to venture out to discover hidden corners of the world. I did my fair share of traveling with parents and friends, although real adventures started after I married the love of my life. He stole my heart and turned my life upside down. I had to change my nationality (a proud American now!), quit my job, and leave behind my family and friends. Now we move every few years serving our country. But the sacrifices I’ve made are totally worth it. I get to discover the unknown parts of the world, meet so many incredible people, learn new languages and get a true insight into the local culture. Whether it is visiting the less-trodden paths of developing countries or exploring neon-drenched high-tech streets of Tokyo, expat life never gets boring!

About my blog: Traveling has turned me into a storyteller. I created Travel With Nano B. to chronicle my various worldly adventures, share the joy of travel as well as my culinary discoveries. I am particularly passionate about exploring the relationship between food and culture. I truly believe that food is a delicious way of connecting to people and places. It feeds the soul and has the power to make you immensely happy. I love eating out, experimenting with my food choices and am in tireless pursuit of my next best meal!

Whether it is a restaurant I dined at, or a hotel I stayed at, my reviews are always truthful and informative. My goal is to inspire you to go out there and try new things, without inflating your expectations.

Currently based in Japan, I’m on a quest to explore all the nooks and crevices of this magnificent country. From futuristic Tokyo and traditional Kyoto, to the backstreets of ancient towns and less popular yet equally remarkable places – I will cover it all one blog post at a time. Expect exclusive insight into the local culture and traditions, and a lot of emphasis on delights of Japanese cuisine featuring regional specialties, sublime fine-dining restaurants and coma inducing street food. Oh, and breakfast spots. Because happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast!

As a public affairs specialist, and ardent event & travel planner, I’ll be sharing my savvy travel tips to inspire & help you plan your ultimate getaway. I am just a normal person who has learned how to get the most out of the travel experience on an average budget of a cubicle-dweller. I aspire to provide all the useful tips on planning my trips, answer your inquires and maybe even assist you with choosing your next wanderlust destination!

This is a place for inspiration so come as you are and enjoy! Happy to have you with me on my journey, thank you for reading!

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