One on a lookout for cute cafes, I recently walked into Soso Tokyo ​during my recent stroll along trendy Daikanyama. This tiny restaurant specializes in light meals (tofu, tempura and such), Japanese sweets and matcha​. I was not particularly hungry so I ordered their Otenmae matcha set and absolutely loved the presentation. You are served everything you need to whisk your own matcha tea (you are even given step-by-step instruction on how to do so, in case you are not sure), and the namagashi depicting seasonal ​motifs were such a nice compliment. The decor of the place is also quite beautiful. It is a cozy space, with a mixture of contemporary and traditional Japanese aesthetics. The oversized decorative fans, for one, made such a tasteful statement. It is a perfect spot for a short tea break, and I read really good reviews about their food, so a return visit is definitely in order for me.






xoxo, nano

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Soso Tokyo Daikanyama

Written by Nano @ Travel With Nano B.

Welcome to my site! I'm Nano, a serial expat trotting the globe to discover wonderful places and savor the gastronomic treasures of the world. Via Travel With Nano B. I'm spilling my love for travel and detailing my international culinary adventures one lil' blog post at a time. Currently based in Japan, I'm on a quest to explore this magnificent country and share my unique insight with you all. Worldly adventures, gourmet discoveries, cultural experiences, wanderlust photography, savvy travel tips - find it all on my page. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have you here reading!


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