What can I say about my whirlwind trip to the US? It was short and very sweet. We stopped in Washington DC for a few days and managed to catch up with great friends we had made in Haiti. We then took a quick road trip to Pennsylvannia to see J’s cousin Nay tie the knot with the love of her life. It was a charming wedding with beautiful rustic décor and LOTS of sweet treats. Just look at this pumpkin pie selection AND the cookies! nays-wedding-7nays-wedding-3nays-wedding-6J has a huge family and even though everyone is scattered around different states, they always make a point to get together for family celebrations. And yes, with 30+ people there is always a little drama involved, but it is incredible to see them all come together like one strong wall and stick together no matter what. Coming from a much smaller family myself, I feel truly blessed to be part of this wonderful connection and am happy that my future kids will grow up surrounded by tons of loving people.

We haven’t really done much sightseeing, this trip was more about people rather than things to see and do. We did enjoy couple of great meals together while in DC. Namely, Green Pig Bistro had a fantastic meat-centric menu and I devoured my beef tartar with buttery toasts, as well as the pork chop with sweet potato puree & and kale salad. snapseed-7snapseed-6One thing I forgot about the States is the portion sizes! Appetizers are as big as entrées and main courses can easily be split by two! Anyway, we also had a fantastic dinner at Little Serow, our local favorite and I’ll tell you all about it in a separate post.

I also wanted to share a few shots from this travel which captures stunning foliage in Washington DC and rural part of PA, even though it was already past the peak season. Special thanks to my father-in-law who feeds my love for photography and took me for a ride around Johnstown to capture some of these photos. It was a delight to see the post-Halloween and pre-Thanksgiving urban scene, admire the rolling hills with beautiful golden glow, feel the leaves rustle under my feet and breathe some crisp fall air.fall-in-usa-2fall-in-usa-3fall-in-usa-4fall-in-usa-5fall-in-usa-6fall-in-usa-7fall-in-usa-8fall-in-usa-9fall-in-usa-10fall-in-usa-12fall-in-usa-13fall-in-usa-14fall-in-usa-15fall-in-usa-16fall-in-usa-17fall-in-usa-18fall-in-usa-19fall-in-usa-20fall-in-usa-21fall-in-usa-22fall-in-usa-23fall-in-usa-24fall-in-usa-25fall-in-usa-26fall-in-usa-30fall-in-usa-31fall-in-usa-32fall-in-usa-1-2fall-in-usa-3-2fall-in-usa-2-2

xoxo, nano

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Written by Nano @ Travel With Nano B.

Welcome to my site! I'm Nano, a serial expat trotting the globe to discover wonderful places and savor the gastronomic treasures of the world. Via Travel With Nano B. I'm spilling my love for travel and detailing my international culinary adventures one lil' blog post at a time. Currently based in Japan, I'm on a quest to explore this magnificent country and share my unique insight with you all. Worldly adventures, gourmet discoveries, cultural experiences, wanderlust photography, savvy travel tips - find it all on my page. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have you here reading!


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