No visit to Tokyo should go without touring Asakusa which has been the city’s entertainment hub for centuries.  This is one of the oldest and most extensive neighborhoods in the metropolis that brings together cultural sights, dining and entertainment in vibrant surroundings that are historic and modern at the same time. asakusa-tokyo-38asakusa-tokyo-51asakusa-tokyo-67asakusa-tokyo-68asakusa-tokyo-2Be prepared to travel back in time and admire ancient temples, old houses, ricksaw drivers, kimono-clad young Japanese ladies and centuries-old tempura restaurants.  The area has a lot to offer and deciding what to do and see can be a bit overwhelming. Thus, I compiled my Top 10 Things To Do in Asakusa so that you can make most of your visit and don’t miss any important sights. 


asakusa-tokyo-31The historic highlight and the heart and soul of the neighborhood is the famous Senso-ji complex known for its 17th-century Shinto shrine, Asakusa Shrine, as well as its Dembo-in garden and the wild Sanja Festival in May. asakusa-tokyo-7Start at the Kaminari-mon, Thunder God Gate which serves as an entryway to Sensoji’s grounds. It might be one of the busiest spots in Asakusa with endless stream of tourists trying to get a clear shot of the gate. And selfies. asakusa-tokyo-5asakusa-tokyo-27asakusa-tokyo-6As you go through, you will see Nakamise-dori, a long passageway lined up with food stalls and artisan and souvenir shops leading to another, equally spectacular inner gate as well as the five-story pagoda on its left. asakusa-tokyo-8asakusa-tokyo-10asakusa-tokyo-28Proceed through that gate as well and finally you will see the shrine. Here, the souls of the three men who built Senso-ji are enshrined. asakusa-tokyo-32Most Japanese stop at the huge bronze incense burner, in front of the Main Hall, to bathe their hands and faces in the smoke, believed to ward off illnesses, before climbing the stairs to offer their prayers. These three cheerful girls walked into the frame right as I was taking the photo. I couldn’t be happier. asakusa-tokyo-35asakusa-tokyo-36If you have a special wish, purchase a wooden placard, write your message on it and leave it for the gods. asakusa-tokyo-33asakusa-tokyo-34IMG_6632Make sure you walk around the grounds to admire the shrine from all angles. I found its facades were stunning when seen from the side angle. asakusa-tokyo-47Also, when you are facing the temple make a point to walk to the east side and enjoy the smaller shrines there as well as a little Japanese garden with a pond.asakusa-tokyo-40asakusa-tokyo-39asakusa-tokyo-42


Once you are done admiring the shrine make a point to wander off a little to the side streets and soak in the atmosphere of the Edo-period Tokyo. These alleys have so much authentic character you will inevitably fall in love.asakusa-tokyo-71asakusa-tokyo-30asakusa-tokyo-75asakusa-tokyo-52asakusa-tokyo-46asakusa-tokyo-61asakusa-tokyo-45asakusa-tokyo-58asakusa-tokyo-70asakusa-tokyo-55Asakusa Roku-ku Broadway is also worth checking out. A 300-meter shopping street that runs through the center of Asakusa was formerly a district where large numbers of famous performers would appear at the exhibition venues and theaters that lined the street. Throughout the town you can find celebrity autographs and statues of people considered comedy gods, giving it even today a nostalgic feeling of that time’s pleasure quarters. asakusa-tokyo-76Stop at the Don Quixote shopping complex there to rummage through pretty fascinating Japanese goods.


asakusa-tokyo-53If you don’t feel like walking much let the ricksaw driver do the work for you while s/he also gives you a tour of the neighborhood. Some of them speak English really well. You can spot them anywhere, but the best spot would be Kaminari-mon. asakusa-tokyo-43


Street food culture is less prevalent in Japan compared to other Asian countries, however Asakusa is filled with food stalls selling snacks that is definitely worth trying. asakusa-tokyo-22asakusa-tokyo-26You can choose to sample some of the sweets along Nakamise-dori like I did last week. Alternatively, you could opt for savory bites sold along the backstreets like these deep-fried pork meat and curry buns. Yum! asakusa-tokyo-64asakusa-tokyo-65


Nakamise-dori is definitely a kitsch-souvenir central where you can buy anything from a key chain to a kimono. asakusa-tokyo-11Although, it is worth noting that the stuff here is slightly overpriced, so if you are not in time-crunch I’d browse the numerous side streets for some interesting and more reasonably-priced memorable knickknacks to take back home. asakusa-tokyo-19asakusa-tokyo-13asakusa-tokyo-24asakusa-tokyo-20asakusa-tokyo-25asakusa-tokyo-23asakusa-tokyo-16asakusa-tokyo-14asakusa-tokyo-12asakusa-tokyo-21asakusa-tokyo-17asakusa-tokyo-59


If you are not in a rush and feel like pleasing your inner child, head to the east side of the Senso-ji temple to have fun at Tokyo’s retro amusement park which was established in 1853. Expect a wooden rollercoaster, a haunted house, Ferris wheel and merry-go-round.


If you love to cook or are simply keen on renewing your kitchen supplies then there is one place in Tokyo that will make your heart flutter. kappabashi-kitchen-town-tokyo-1Kappabashi-dori is a street lined up with little shops selling a mind boggling selection of kitchen items. Read a full review of the place and galore of kitchen things to buy in Kappabashi in my blog post.


Before or after all the walking you might need a hefty meal to fill you up with energy. I’ve got just the right spot for you. ume-and-sakura-blossom-8In fact, Asakusa prides itself on one of the best tempura restaurants in town. Mr. B and I had a great lunch at 129-year old restaurant Daikokuya where we enjoyed a delicious selection of perfectly deep-fried battered seafood and vegetable.


Asakusa is located very close to Sumida-gawa River which boasts with impressive waterfront. asakusa-tokyo-4The Sumida River Terrace, with its open-air cafes and street performances, could be a relaxing spot for a leisurely afternoon walk while taking in the view of the river and the city’s skyline.


Once you are done exploring historic part of Tokyo it might be a good idea to enjoy the marvel of the 21st century and spend your evening at Tokyo Skytree. Besides the tallest tower in the world you will find numerous shops, restaurants, aquarium and so much more in this entertainment mega-complex. You probably won’t be surprised that I have a few great dining spots for you there. For great sushi, head to Toriton Kaitenzushi where we had a fantastic lunch one time. For something more European, try Beer & Spice Super Dry. We quite enjoyed a beer tasting and some delectable snacks here. IMG_6625IMG_6624Afterwards, you can treat yourself to all-you-can-eat dessert buffet at Salon de Sweets. IMG_2338IMG_2339

I hope my guide will be helpful when you visit. I will keep adding more neighborhood guides to these series each week. Let me know if there is particular information you’d want me to include in the future. 🙂


xoxo, nano

Written by Nano @ Travel With Nano B.

Welcome to my site! I'm Nano, a serial expat trotting the globe to discover wonderful places and savor the gastronomic treasures of the world. Via Travel With Nano B. I'm spilling my love for travel and detailing my international culinary adventures one lil' blog post at a time. Currently based in Japan, I'm on a quest to explore this magnificent country and share my unique insight with you all. Worldly adventures, gourmet discoveries, cultural experiences, wanderlust photography, savvy travel tips - find it all on my page. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have you here reading!


  1. What a lovely blog with gorgeous photography!! I have many friends who are visiting Tokyo, so I will pass this post to them! I enjoy seeing my home city through your lens!

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      1. Me? Awwww. Thank you!! I think you’re amazing! I was very impressed! I enjoy your photos because I think we like to look at the same things from a similar perspective. I saw many angles that I thought I would totally love to photograph them myself!

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      2. I’m impressed. I have gone a long way. You’re already doing so well with it. Much better than I was. You should give yourself a nice pat on your shoulder!! Thank you for your kind word! It made me feel very happy that I have been blogging. 🙂

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  2. Here I am at last! 🙂
    ნეტა მალე მოვხვდე ტოკიოში და ეს ყოველივე ჩემი თვალით ვნახო 🙂

    Good luck, my darling!

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