Consider this to be a guest post by Mr. B who had a chance to attend Tokyo Auto Salon last Saturday and ogle some of the most amazing cars on display along the exhibition center’s aisles. As one of the world’s best annual events for modified cars, show attendees include Japanese tuning companies, international car manufacturers and global racing teams. From modified mini vans to thoroughbred racing cars, the Tokyo Auto Salon pretty much has it all. If you are a car enthusiast, this post will definitely hit the spot. I believe recaps of similar events is better done with photo-centric posts because an image speaks a thousand words. So let’s get to it! Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-1Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-2Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-3Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-4Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-5Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-6Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-7Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-8Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-9Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-10Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-11Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-12Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-13Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-14Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-15Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-16Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-17Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-18Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-19Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-20Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-21Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-22Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-23Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-24Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-25Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-26Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-27Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-28Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-29Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-30Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-31Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-32Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-33Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-34Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-35Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-36Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-37Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-38Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-39Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-41Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-42Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-43Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-44Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-45Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-46Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-47Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-48Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-49Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-50Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-51Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-52Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-53Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-54Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-55Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-56Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-57Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-58Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-59Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-60Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-61Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-62Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-63Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-64Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-65Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-66Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-67Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-68Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-69Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2016-70

Which car impressed you most and which one would you want to own? ;) 

Written by Nano @ Travel With Nano B.

Welcome to my site! I'm Nano, a serial expat trotting the globe to discover wonderful places and savor the gastronomic treasures of the world. Via Travel With Nano B. I'm spilling my love for travel and detailing my international culinary adventures one lil' blog post at a time. Currently based in Japan, I'm on a quest to explore this magnificent country and share my unique insight with you all. Worldly adventures, gourmet discoveries, cultural experiences, wanderlust photography, savvy travel tips - find it all on my page. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have you here reading!

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